Our #BlueFriday honoree this week is Toms River Police Officer Vic Tamaro. We’re also including two EMTs in today’s honor, Jarrett Jirak and Brett Kyle. Sometimes this honor goes to the everyday heroes that simply do the right thing and go out of their way to help.

The Toms River PD responded to a call from an elderly man whose 115 pound dog was in distress after his legs gave out on a walk. Officer Tamaro responded and immediately took action. Involving the EMTs, he made sure the dog got to safety and the EMTs carried the furry family member a half mile back home.

It’s a small and kind gesture that not only saved the dog, but shows another incredible example of the diverse job Police Officers have. They truly never know what they’re gonna encounter.

We’re reminded of the humanity that exists among our cops with dramatic examples of what happened in Philly this week and the cops duty of following the gunfire and risking their lives for public safety to the small gesture of getting a hurt dog back home.

Good news on both fronts, the six Philly cops shot this week are all recovering well. And Lola the dog was seen by a vet and is back to her old self! Thank you Officer Vic Tamaro for reminding us of the incredibly positive impact local cops have on our communities.

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