When I think of the definition of a 'Jersey Guy' I think of someone who's incredibly loyal, can see through the BS and won't tolerate it for a second, and would do anything they could to help someone in need. It's just the make up who we are and of course it pertains to Jersey girls as well. So as we sit smack in the middle of the holiday season, I asked for random acts of kindness, these are among the many replies I received.

Former Union City Police Sgt Andrew Chick Pisani: "While I was still on the job, I was having my dinner break during my shift. There was a young Marine in his dress uniform having dinner with his wife, his parents and his siblings. I overheard them talking about his deployment to Afghanistan. He was leaving his family that night. I called the waiter over and paid the entire bill for that family. When they asked for their check, the waiter and the owner pointed to me and told them I had paid their bill. The Marine and his father came to my table to thank me, but I thanked them for the Marine's service to the country."

Wendy Smith Anderson: "Paid for a meal for an elderly veteran."

Brett S. Harrison: "Sometimes I put a dollar bill in the changing station in public bathrooms and close it."

Jeri Fitzgeorge LaMothe: "Found a young man on the side of the road, he had been hit by a car riding his bike home from work. Everyone was steering around him. I stopped, got out and stayed with him until emts arrived. It was not a pretty site, he had some major head trauma and whoever hit him never stopped."

Chrissy Biglin Harris: "When I was NYC their stood a blind women with her dog she was lost. People were walking by in rush. I asked her where she going I took her to her train."

Jeffrey Chudoff: "I let the geese walk at their pace blocking roads like they have NO Fear I’ll floor it and take them all out."

Tom Mongelli: "Each time a girl agreed to go out with me . . . both times!?!"

Robert Pisani: "While boating with some friends near Ship Bottom LBI, I heard a woman screaming for help. Her son dove off the back of their boat in shallow water and broke his neck. His father was trying to keep them afloat but the tide took them out into the bay. I swam about 50 yards to them with a small raft in tow behind me and rescued them both. This was back in 2004. We still stay in touch."

Chris McKelvey: Gave up a front parking spot at a supermarket to an elderly driver looking for one. I was finished & ready to leave & saw them searching. I got their attention & pointed to my car. They were appreciative.

E Jillian Brontee: "My husband lets me have all the chips from his chocolate chip cookies and when he feeds the cat in the morning, if the food is in the refrigerator he microwaves it for the cat."

Grant Lindaberry: "I recently went to the doctor within the past week and I'm severely disabled and it was so cold out that my muscles were freezing up and cramping to the point where I could not walk properly and I was asked by four different people, are you okay sir? You really made me feel good that there are some good people still out there! That's not the only one but the most recent one. Happy holidays Steve!"

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