Do you need help planning your retirement?  Hiring a financial adviser could help, but choosing the right one is important.  

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Working with a financial adviser is an important aspect in planning for retirement. Bellaria Jimenez, managing director at MetLife Solutions Group, said that not only will you feel more secure in your assets, but a financial adviser can help make sure your money won't run out before your time does.

Before choosing to work with an adviser, some questions need to be answered.  Jimenez said it is important to do your research, and ask questions such as: How do they maintain your personal information? Who do they share their information with? How do they compile recommendations, and do they work with a team to come back with recommendations for you?

Jimenez said understanding basic financial information is vital in searching for the right adviser. Sites such as can help highlight advisers that would be a good fit for your needs.

Another key component to working with a financial adviser is to make sure you feel comfortable with that person. "Make sure that individual has taken the time to get to know you, is asking a lot questions, is writing down information," Jimenez said. It's also important that your adviser uses confidentiality as an important part of their practice.

Financial advisers can not only give piece of mind, but Jimenez said they can offer "protection against your money in case of theft, disability (and) long-term care illness."

Monetary protection doesn't stop at retirement, nor does it expire when you do. Hiring a financial adviser can also ensure that there's a plan in place for legacy, and leaving money to your heirs, according to Jimenez.

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