How much do we really know about who's driving our kids on class trips? You may know the bus driver that takes them back and forth everyday, but what about the others? Would you allow your children to get on a bus knowing that the driver was 77 years old?  That's the age of the driver involved in Thursday's school bus crash with a dump truck that took the life of a teacher, student, and injured 43 more.

We've talked about whether seniors should be retested every few years to keep their drivers licenses and many seniors agree. However, New Jersey is not among the 33 states that have retesting laws on the books.  I think it's time that we did.

I also think it's time we put more thought into who's driving our children's school buses, regardless of where they're going.  I wonder how parents would feel if they knew that the person driving their children was 77 years old with a bad driving record. Just like school security, the quality of the school bus drivers doesn't seem to be that important. It seems like people would pay more for an Uber for themselves rather than worry about who's taking their kids back and forth on their class trips.  I think that we need to spend more for the better drivers- and that money can come from the fundraising done to finance the trip in the first place.

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