Just when you think New Jersey hits the point of no return, people show up in droves to have their voices heard in Trenton.

Because of the outcry of public opinion and a few thoughtful, sensible leaders, a disastrous bill, which would have stripped away parental rights, was defeated. Assemblyman Christopher DePhillips joined us on the morning show to describe the scene in Trenton with thousands camped out and chanting, which eventually compelled enough Senators to stand down and the vaccine bill failed as a result.

It's time to have a legislature which speaks for us. And legislators who have the courage to fight for us. Steve Sweeney is both arrogant and ignorant, a dangerous combination. As a result of local voters pushing back and defeating nearly a billion dollars in new spending, borrowing and taxes, Sweeney pushed through a workaround for schools to raise your taxes without your consent. It's un-Democratic and a slap in the face to all hard working NJ families.

It's time for legislators like DePhillips and my friend Serena DiMaso to stand together and fight for New Jersey. We need the #TaxCutCaucus and I'm calling on all legislators who want to be identified with the fight to fix NJ to join.

The Parties have failed us. Trenton insiders run the show and they will continue to suppress voters by sending your money to illegals, raising your taxes to line the pockets of elite special interests and preserve their own power at your expense.

We need a voice and we need the scattered few in the legislature to get together and Speak for New Jersey. Then we'll talk about how we move forward to elect a new Governor...

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