What are we waiting for? When Governor Phil Murphy ran for office he said if he were elected he would legalize marijuana. He's still willing to sign the bill if the rest of the New Jersey lawmakers can get their act together. But now the state senate can't get enough votes and more and more towns in New Jersey are passing laws and ordinances to keep it out of their town. I'm sorry, did someone rerelease "Reefer Madness" to theaters since the election?

The benefits of legalizing weed far outweigh the pitfalls. One of the biggest benefit to legal weed is that we're going to need it to deal with all the other things that Governor Murphy wants to do. See sanctuary cities and raise the minimum wage.

We've never been closer to having legalized weed in New Jersey. We've had politicians visit Colorado to see how they do it. A candidate ran for governor making legalization part of his campaign promises and won. We need the money it can bring. We don't need the aggravation of not having it legal is costing us in the way of criminal charges possible imprisonment and having a criminal record. Now it's time to deliver.

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