Time for a year-round deer hunt. We have too many deer in New Jersey.

They spread disease, eat our plants, wreck our cars and in cases, have taken lives. They are a menace to our great state and it's time to have a serious management plan.

This is not the first time that we've had this conversation. Last year, I proposed to kill more deer in order to protect the human inhabitants of our state. My current rant comes on the heels of our own Bob Williams wrecking his SUV over the weekend when a huge buck stepped out into the road in front of his truck. We're happy that Bob is OK. The truck, not so much.

The state needs to declare this a public health crisis and use their leverage to force recalcitrant towns to suspend discharge ordinances and ATV ordinances, at least on a temporary basis, in order to cull the population before the height of the deer collision season coming up soon. If we can't get enough hunters to truly make a difference, then perhaps it's time to order a government deer cull. Bring in teams of sharpshooters and start thinning the deer population. You might be surprised to learn that this can be beneficial to a future healthy deer herds and of course, way better for drivers.

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