Folks, we have a classic case of "deja vu all over again."

Once again, a dog acting like an actual dog has become an issue. The recent case of Tank the "vicious bulldog" created a specific kind of nostalgia for Jim. He, along with Eric Scott, remember the story of "Taro the death row dog" from the late '90s. Jim, a bulldog owner himself, considers it a shame that we punish these animals for laws they cannot possibly comprehend.

Then there's "Comrade Murphy" trying to enhance his standing as a potential presidential candidate with his tax plan, Jim says. According to Jim,, Murphy seems to be in a race with other Democrats to "out-progressive one another" in order to make themselves a name considering there's no obvious forerunner for the next election.

One thing Murphy needs to understand. Jim says, is that the people of New Jersey aren't staying because of his progressive ideas — it's Stockholm Syndrome!

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