He's something of an anomaly in this true-blue state.

Freshman U.S. Representative from New Jersey and Democrat Jeff Van Drew voted against a resolution formalizing impeachment hearing rules for the Congressional investigation into President Donald Trump. Nearly a month earlier, he encouraged his fellow Democrats to cool their heels — prompting a thanks on Twitter from the commander in tweet.

And Jim Gearhart, in this week's episode of his weekly Facebook Live show and podcast, wants to know ... why?

"Politicians do not do things, generally, because they have a very strong principle," Jim says in this week's installment of the show, live on Facebook every Thursday at 10:30 a.m., and available here as a podcast every week.

Cohost Bob Williams notes while Van Drew's a Democrat in a solidly Democratic state, he does hail from a conservative-ish district — in fact, he flipped it from Republican rule last year, beating Republican Seth Grossman, who'd been disowned by leadership in his own party for a history of racially charged statements. Had Grossman's candidacy been less controversial, maybe things would have gone the other way.

And yet, Jim says, a Democrat bucking his party's leadership risks losing funds and support.

"Is that courage, or does he have a political death wish?" Jim asks.

Van Drew's explanation? It's pretty simple.

Fox News reported that Van Drew said he had not yet seen anything "impeachable" yet.

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