Democrats saw important victories throughout New Jersey Tuesday night as unofficial election results came in from critical races.

The following were among the state's most important races:

• Incumbent Democrat Bob Menendez held onto his seat, despite a well-financed and fierce challenge from Republican Bob Hugin, and despite a corruption trial and ethics violations that earned him an admonishment from the Senate itself.

• New Jersey appears to have supported a ballot measure to allocate $500 million for school construction projects — though it's unclear which districts will get the projects.

• New Jersey Democrats flipped at least three House seats, taking at least 10 in all. As of late Tuesday night, only Republican incumbent Tom MacArthur's challenge from Democrat Andy Kim was too close to call. Notably, Democrats flipped the 2nd District, where Jeff Van Drew took a win over Republican Seth Grossman, who'd been disowned by leadership in his own party for a history of racially charged statements. Mikie Sherrill took the 11th District — meaning for the first time since 1985, North Jersey's 11th Congressional District will be represented by a Democrat.

• New Jersey saw huge participation in by-mail voting, prompted by a Gov. Phil Murphy-signed law that automatically classified residents as vote-by-mail voters if they'd done so in the past few years. Of the roughly 572,000 mail-in ballots sent to voters, nearly 383,000 had been returned as of the start of Election Day, according to the state Division of Elections. And about 70,000 more were returned by Democrats than GOPers.

The following are unofficial results collected by New Jersey 101.5 on Election Night. They don't yet include provisional or all mail-in ballots, which may be received as late as Thursday. They also aren't yet certified results, and a small handful of districts had yet to report by late evening:

U.S. Senate

U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez and Republican Bob Hugin (AP Photos)
Cape May14,33524,5091,278

Percentage of precincts reporting: 59%

2nd Congressional District

Seth Grossman (L) and Jeff Van Drew (campaign provided)

DEMOCRATIC: Jeff Van Drew — 118,924

REPUBLICAN: Seth Grossman — 104,803

Percentage of precincts reporting: 98%

3rd Congressional District

Tom MacArthur (L) and Andy Kim (campaign provided)

REPUBLICAN: U.S. Rep. Tom MacArthur — 125,617

DEMOCRATIC: Andy Kim — 126,012

CONSTITUTION: Lawrence Berlinski — 3,259

Percentage of precincts reporting: ?

4th Congressional District

REPUBLICAN: U.S. Rep. Chris Smith — 105,434

DEMOCRATIC: Joshua Welle — 90,576

LIBERTARIAN: Michael Rufo — 900

Brian J. Reynolds — 668

Edward C. Stackhouse Jr. — 768

Felicia Stoler — 635

Allen Yusofov — 212

Percentage of precincts reporting: 68%

7th Congressional District

Leonard Lance (L) and Tom Malinowski (campaign provided)

REPUBLICAN: U.S. Rep. Leonard Lance — 129,284

DEMOCRATIC: Tom Malinowski — 132,850

GREEN: Diane Moxley — 1,734

Gregg Mele — 1,673

Percentage of precincts reporting: ?

11th Congressional District

Jay Webber (L) and Mikie Sherrill (campaign provided)

DEMOCRATIC: Mikie Sherrill — 132,294

REPUBLICAN: Jay Webber — 101,097

LIBERTARIAN: Ryan Martinez — 891

Robert F. Crook — 1,472

Percentage of precincts reporting: ?