Sometimes going out to eat sounds like a chore.

We all love a good upscale dinner from time to time, but getting ready three hours before your reservation and wearing fancy clothes isn’t always appealing.

Jay Wennington via Unsplash
Jay Wennington via Unsplash

We have plenty of those restaurants in New Jersey, but we’re also filled with local hangout bars and eateries for us to grab a quick bite and be comfortable doing it. released a list of the best casual restaurants in every state and I think you’re going to like New Jersey’s.

There are a few things they took into consideration to make this list. What makes a restaurant “casual”? It’s not just about the dress code.

Al Elmes via Unsplash
Al Elmes via Unsplash

One of the main criteria was the price.

“Can two people fill themselves up and get out for less than $50, excluding tip and alcohol?”

Other things were overall comfort, relaxation, and whether the place was worth traveling for.

Speaking of traveling, if you’re into road trips, these are the best casual restaurants in our surrounding states according to

New York City

Katz’s Delicatessen


John’s Roast Pork

New Haven, Connecticut

Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana

Wilmington, Delaware

Angelo’s Luncheonette

Boston, Massachusetts


North Providence, Rhode Island

Olneyville N.Y. System

Now if burgers come to mind when you think of casual dining, then you’ll love New Jersey’s best.

White Manna in Hackensack is the Garden State’s best casual restaurant and this North Jersey staple is a famous one.

The Daily Meal says it’s one of the last remaining diner-style burger places that came from the likes of White Castle.

The burgers are smashed and taste amazing.

This is definitely a great casual place to grab a bite to eat.

If you’re not from the north part of Jersey, you’re probably wondering why would you travel all the way up there for some burgers. First, you should, but if you really don’t want to, there’s a place in Central Jersey that I think gives White Manna a run for their money.

White Rose is located in Highland Park and is also known for their great burgers.

Regardless of what team you’re on, we can all agree that both of these places make the top of New Jersey’s casual restaurants.

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