It would be nearly impossible to vote for the "best" sandwich in our great state. First of all, it's a matter of taste.

Whether you like a hot or cold sandwich, and exactly what goes into the "best" sandwich. The website named the best sandwich in every state in the country and the winner or what they call it may surprise you.

The bulk of the population in the state is clearly in Central and North Jersey where they call this sandwich a sub. However, the website's survey named the "Italian hoagie" as the best sandwich in New Jersey. That's what we call it in South Jersey.


The other weird thing is that they cited Cosmos Italian Salumeria in Hackensack as a good place to find one and I'm sure it's probably amazing.

But if you check out their menu you might be confused.

On their menu, they call it a "hero", which is generally accepted as the New York term for a sub or hoagie. No matter what you call it here, I defy anyone from any state in the country or any country in the world to not like one of these beauties.

The combination of meats, cheeses, toppings and condiments is truly a culinary work of art. So the list was probably made by a person or persons who's not from New Jersey so the terminology confusion can be excused.

The other odd thing is they also cited White House Subs in Atlantic City as another example of where you can get an "Italian hoagie".

White House Subs happens to be in an area where most people call it a hoagie. Go figure.

Most lists usually name the pork roll, egg and cheese as the best sandwich in New Jersey.


They probably got scared away from that choice by the Taylor Ham/pork roll controversy. Whatever you call our premier sandwiches in New Jersey, they are the best!

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