The website, used google trends to calculate the favorite Christmas treat of each state in the country. Some states seem to have odd or boring choices. Their conclusion for New Jersey seems a bit pedestrian for such a creative culinary state such as ours, but OK. A good swath of the middle of the country and some southern states went for pudding, yes pudding.

A couple of New England states, including Massachusetts and Rhone Island came up with Christmas trifle. What in Santa's workshop is Christmas trifle?! It's a layered red and white cake of some sort with custard, jelly, cream and fruit. The Carolinas choice: fruitcake. Don't they know that's a bad joke here in Jersey?

New York, Connecticut and several other states went for a Jersey dessert staple, cheesecake! That would have been my guess for our favorite. Virginia and New Hampshire apparently like gingerbread men. That makes perfect sense for Christmas. The two absolute loser states when it comes to Christmas treats are Utah and Washington State.

For Utah it's Jolly Ranchers?! And Washington State went for skittles!!! Remind me to turn down any invitation to a holiday party in Washington State, please!

So, what is New Jersey's favorite Christmas treat? Only one other state favors this as well. Drumroll........ Chocolate Santas! I can see chocolate bunnies at Easter, but chocolate Santas? Personally, I would have chosen my grandmothers Italian Fig Cookies, but I didn't get to choose.


The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis' own.

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