Americans love to snack; 71% of us snack at least twice a day. It’s interesting to note that the snacking frequency has increased over the years, with stress being a contributing factor for many.

The snacking industry is quite significant, with sales expected to reach over $32.6 billion by 2026. Whether it’s a quick bite between meals or a treat, snacking is an integral part of daily life for many Americans.

A site called Hubscore put together the list of the favorite snack in each state.

A man relaxing on a couch with sweets and beer

So, when New Jerseyans start rooting through their cabinets looking for something to snack on, what are they most likely to reach for? I’ll give you a hint: it’s a cereal.

Personally, I wouldn’t count cereal as a snack, but that’s just me.

According to Hubscore, New Jersey’s favorite snack is Cheerios.

Dry wholegrain cheerios in a cereal bowl

Here are New Jersey’s top five:

1️⃣ Cheerios

2️⃣ Lays

3️⃣ Starburst

4️⃣ Goldfish

5️⃣ Pringles

Rice Krispie Treats are the number one snack nationally, with 18 states naming it their favorite.

Doritos (which would get my vote), was number one in 15 states. Cheetos topped 8 states’ lists.

Bill Doyle photo
Bill Doyle photo

What I was surprised to see (or not see) was the absence of popcorn. According to Barnyard Snacks, popcorn is America’s favorite snack by volume.

According to Statista, these are America’s favorite snacks:

🔴 Cookies (59%)

🔴 Potato Chips (58%)

🔴 Crackers (40%)

🔴 Candy (38%)

🔴 Ice Cream (37%)

Chips Ahoy! THINS THIN-credible Cookie Jar
Jason Kempin

The best selling cookie brands in the US are:

🍪 Oreos

🍪 Girl Scout Cookies

🍪 Chips Ahoy!

🍪 Keebler

🍪 Pepperidge Farm

For perspective, Oreos sells more cookies than the other four put together ($3.28 billion a year)

Packages of Nabisco Oreo cookies line a shelf in a market in Pittsburgh, Wednesday, Aug. 8, 2018. (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)
(AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

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