There is a house at 23 N. Willow St. in Montclair that is quite a bargain. It’s a six bedroom, two and a half bath three story home with a covered front porch and a second story porch. It’s yours. Free. But only if you can move it. Otherwise it’s being demolished soon.

It’s owned by the Redeemer Church of Montclair and houses administrative office and classrooms. But due to an expansion project the building has to go.

Is it possible to move a three story home? It all depends on where. If there’s a clear route from point A to point B they can generally do it. According to an article on the cost can rage anywhere from $15,000 to $200,000 depending on complexities.

If you want a free house get in touch with the Redeemer Church of Montclair immediately. If no one takes it the demolition will likely happen in two months.

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