Fast food can be a crutch for some of us. Its convenience, and for the most part, it's taste can lead us to stopping to get it far more than we should.

I'll put my right hand up, I'll make that dreaded stop into the drive-thru probably more often than I should. Sometimes it feels like a magnet where you have no other choice but to turn into the parking lot.

You've got your classic fast-food spots everybody thinks about. Like McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, Chick-fil-A and even now the addition of Raising Canes in New Jersey.

Raising Canes via Facebook
Raising Canes via Facebook

But what if I told you the most common fast-food joint in New Jersey was none of those? Those might be some of the most popular, but the one with the most locations in New Jersey is actually Dunkin'.

Dunkin' in East Orange (Google Maps)
Dunkin' in East Orange (Google Maps)

That's right, the chain that opened in 1950 in Massachusetts takes the cake in New Jersey by a WIDE margin.

According to a report done by Stacker, Dunkin' has 885 locations in New Jersey. They have 600 locations more than second place, which also might surprise you.

Second place is actually Subway, and they have 275 locations throughout the Garden State.

Numbers three and four are where we get into the chains I mentioned from the start. McDonalds comes in at number three with 252 locations, and Burger King fourth with 190 locations.

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You have to travel all the way down to number 18 on the list before you find Chick-fil-A. You could make an argument that Chick-fil-A is the most popular restaurant, but when it comes to the amount of locations, Dunkin' is king.

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