GALLOWAY  — A South Jersey restaurant worker who wrote insults on a police officer's receipt has been fired.

The owner of Romanelli's Garden Cafe in Galloway took the action after a photo of the receipt was posted online. The receipt from Sunday showed the words "cops," ''pigs" and the Spanish word for pigs scribbled on the receipt.

Owner Drew Huggard apologized in a Facebook post and said his business supports the police. He described the message on the receipt as "very gross and disrespectful."

Huggard confirmed that the message was written by an employee, who then was fired.

"I am the owner I have grown up in this town and I have always relied on the local police dept. to keep my self and my family and friends safe. I would appreciate it you could understand our frustrating situation. We would like to just let let everyone know we do not condone this type of behavior here," Huggard wrote.

Most of the comments to Huggard's post were supportive of the restaurant and said that they know the comment was not a reflection on him or the restaurant.

"Bad situation and I feel it was handled properly. I understand you can't control everything, but you handled this with quickly and with purpose that it will not be tolerated.... by anyone at anytime," John Leon wrote.

Richard Trout, whose son who was one of the officers involved, said that Huggard was "distraught"over the incident.

"I'll be back for breakfast soon," Trout wrote.

Another man claiming to be a police officer said he would support the restaurant by returning as a customer.

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