I blame my little boy's ABA therapist.

Like so many children in New Jersey, he has autism and is working with a therapist who's wonderful. Except for her taste in music. Having three other children, I thought I'd heard every kiddie song out there. Nope. She brought the scourge known as Baby Shark into our home. The first time Atticus watched the video he couldn't stop laughing. Actually, the first three hundred times he watched the video he couldn't stop laughing.

So this song got stuck in my head, and I made the mistake of bringing it up on the show once. That made it stuck in Bill Doyle's head, who kept playing clips of it randomly at unexpected times. Which then made it stuck in the heads of any New Jerseyans. Email started coming in. Guys in tough, manly jobs like construction workers would be on the site, hard hats on their heads, and they'd all be singing Baby Shark. I'm not kidding. I received these stories in email.

No one seemed to want to be singing it. It just was vapid enough to take root, which is the way of so many earworms.

Just when you thought you had Baby Shark finally out of your head, another listener sent me a link to something new. They took Baby Shark and turned it into a Christmas song. I kid you not. Behold...Santa Shark.

You can decide for yourself which is more annoying/insidious; the original or this holiday version. All I know is I finally figured out what I want for Christmas.

Ear plugs.

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