The slogan for the Police Unity Tour is "We Ride For Those Who Died".

As you hear me discuss often, the job of a law enforcement officer is unique, dangerous and requires a special kind of person. It's not a job, it's not a career, it's a calling. And that calling has too many officers paying the ultimate price.

To honor them, a former Chief from Florham Park, Pat Montuore, started it all in 1997 with the Police Unity Tour.  What started with 18 riders has grown to thousand of cops from all over the world riding for fallen heroes.

Last year, the group raised more than two and a half million dollars for the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. Since the ride started, they raised more than 23 million dollars. You can help honor those that made the ultimate sacrifice HERE.

State Police Superintendent kicked off the Unity Tour in West Trenton with a contingent of NJ State Troopers riding for fallen heroes. We want to thank Colonel Patrick Callahan for his inspiring words and outstanding leadership. Appreciate the leadership and guest camera work from my friend Pete Stillianesis who heads up the New Jersey State Troopers NCO Union.

So as you sit in traffic today thinking about being late for that meeting, know that it might be because there are cops riding ahead of you honoring fellow officers. Please be patient and help the cause if you can. Remember, there's a thin line between civilization and savagery, and that line is Blue.

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