Yes, I'm still talking about the outrageous decision by the Miss America organization to ban the swimsuit competition. Yes, it bothers me because it's a clear cave in to a politically correct culture that simply doesn't tolerate anything that elevates anyone above anyone else. Yes, it's a shame that under the leadership of former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson, the swimsuit competition was killed because of an over-reaction in the age of #MeToo. It's sad that the swimsuit competition and the evening gown competition were reduced to being lumped in with a sexual connotation by Carlson, a former crown holder herself. What a sad moment for an iconic competition where thousands of young women get to showcase their talents, which of course includes presentation, poise and physical fitness. Even TV personalities across the pond are weighing in on the decision. Piers Morgan perhaps said it best calling the move "absolutely ridiculous".

But again, don't take it from the guys, how about former Miss Philadelphia, my former colleague on Chasing News and most recently the White House correspondent for Fox 5 in DC, Ronica Cleary. Listen to what she had to tell me Wednesday morning. We also had a great conversation with my friend Kaitlyn Schoeffel, the current Miss New Jersey who came in second runner up in 2017. She really showed her courage speaking out against a rule that is exactly the opposite of empowering for women.

Swimsuits don't make women sexual objects. The very nature of the competition is the balance of physical fitness, poise, intelligence and talent. In order to truly measure a winner to represent the crown, isn't it important to judge in all categories? If everything is inclusive and standards are eliminated, what's the value of winning?

We have got to start training the next generation about real competition and winning AND losing. Eliminating elements of competition because a few are uncomfortable is a strike against human nature and our desire to succeed. To be better. More fit, stronger, smarter. All of these laudable goals are pursued by competitors in pageants. They pursue the goal despite the discomfort, the sacrifice and the stress. That's what any true competitor does. Stripping away the opportunity for these young women is a disgraceful surrender to a PC culture that undervalues the courageous women who have stepped up over the past decades to compete on the national stage. #SaveTheSwimSuits

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