That's right, but not the cartel you're thinking. Turns out there are a couple of old guys stealing shopping carts from the ShopRite in Rochelle Park. One of the thieves arrested is a 77-year-old man!

Alfredo Rodriguez (top) Hector Cortes (bottom) Shopping carts (Canva, RPPD, Bergen County Sheriff's Office)
Alfredo Rodriguez (top) Hector Cortes (bottom) Shopping carts (Canva, RPPD, Bergen County Sheriff's Office)

As a technical senior myself (yes, I turned 55 last month) it surprises me just a little that the guy had the energy to be a part of this kind of operation.

Reportedly, the duo was pulling up in a red van every day for two weeks lifting the carts into the back and speeding off. This has been going on around the country for years.

Rings of thieves stealing carts, stripping them of all identifiers, and re-selling them.

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Of course with bail reform, I've got to believe the thieves will be out in a matter of hours.

On a serious note, we need to eliminate the current "bail reform" program which assigns a "score" to perps resulting in most being turned back out onto the street within hours of being arrested.

I also think we need to make sure NJ prosecutors start throwing the book at young offenders. 16-year-olds should be charged as adults. No exceptions.

Let's make sure we turn the tide of increasing crime in the Garnds State. It states with aggressive prosecution and increased jail time.

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