Yesterday, we were discussing the best pizza spots in New Jersey and we even have a list on our website split into 2 regions, East and West Jersey.

A listener called in to say that AMA Pizza in Hillsborough is their go-to spot.

I can attest directly to the quality of the gnocchi at AMA in Hillsborough. It's served with a braised short rib sauce that is an absolute killer. The gnocchi is light and airy, so you aren't completely stuffed after enjoying a meal.

Now, AMA, which has been on several lists including ours for the best food in Jersey, is BYOB so grab a chianti and order the gnocchi, you will not be disappointed.

AMA made our list of restaurants where you would have your "last meal". If you have a go-to gnocchi place in the Garden State, please send a note with a link to the NJ 101.5 app and let me know.


Although I haven't made gnocchi at home, there are plenty of recipes floating around the internet. I'm going to try this one soon and will keep you posted!

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Gallery Credit: Dennis Malloy

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