Produce marked with "Jersey Fresh" was grown right here in the Garden State.

Spring/summer is a big time of year for Jersey-born fruits and vegetables to hit grocery stores and farm markets. But these items work on a schedule, and they're only around for a certain amount of time.

Below is a rundown of the Jersey Fresh "seasonality chart" for 2024. Different varieties of the same food may be ready during different times of the year.

According to the New Jersey Department of Agriculture, local produce tastes better and is better for you. Eating local also supports farm families in the state.

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Arugula: Mid-April through mid-June, September through November

Asparagus: Mid-April through late June

Beans (green snap/wax/yellow): Mid-June through October

Beets: June through November

Bok choy: Mid-April through mid-June, September through November

Broccoli: June, October through November

Cabbage: June through November


Carrots: June through November

Cauliflower: September through November

Chard: May through November

Chinese cabbage: May through June, September through November

Collards: Mid-May through November

Cucumbers: Late June through mid-September

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Dandelion greens: Mid-April to late June, September through November

Eggplant: July through mid-October

Garlic: July through December

Garlic scapes: May

Herbs (basil, parsley, mint, etc.): July through September

Kale: Mid-April through mid-June, September through November


Leeks: April through May, October through December

Lettuce: Mid-April through mid-June, September through November

Lima beans: July through October

Mustard greens: Mid-April through mid-June, September through November

Okra: Mid-July through mid-October

Onions: Late June through October

Parsnips: September through December

Peas: Mid-May through July

Peppers: July through October

Potatoes: July through mid-December (Sweet potatoes start in August)

Pumpkins: Mid-September through November

Radish: June, early to mid-December

Scallions: May through December


Squash: June through early October (Select varieties extend through December)

Spinach: Mid-April through June

Sweet corn: July through September

Tat soi: Mid-April through mid-June, September through November

Tomatoes: July through October

Turnips: Mid-April through mid-June, September through November


Fruits and berries

Apples: Mid-July through mid-December

Blackberries: July through mid-August

Blueberries: Mid-June through July

Cherries: June

Cranberries: Late September through mid-November

Grapes: Late August through September

Peaches, Nectarines: Early July to late September

Pears: August through early September

Plums: July through September

Strawberries: Mid-May through mid-June

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