Our new governor is proving to be a shrewd politician, even on day one. He has pandered to every so called disenfranchised group that he can pander to. He pulled off a good one yesterday.

Here's the quote, "We are one New Jersey – North, Central and South – an extended family striving for success." Brilliant!

There is a huge swath of population in this state (the majority of which is our listening audience) who identify themselves a residents of Central Jersey. OK OK OK OK, THERE IS A CENTRAL JERSEY! However, let's get a few things straight.

People in Central Jersey don't want to be associated with the "hicks" in South Jersey or the obnoxious snobs of Bergen County and the few people in the northwest corner of the state. I had a caller from Vineland tell me last week that since I live in Medford I'm in North Jersey....What?!?

So one's definition of North or South Jersey seems dangerously subjective. However again, there is a North and South Jersey clearly defined by a few indisputable truths. Mainly the media markets.

If you got your radio, tv and sports allegiance from New York, you live in North Jersey. The same criteria for Philadelphia, then you live in South Jersey. If you've ever engaged in the Taylor Ham/Pork roll debate, you're from North Jersey. If you call a sub a hoagie and grew up on Tastykake in your lunchbox, you're from South Jersey. If you know what disco fries, or an Italian hot dog are, you're from North Jersey.

North and Central Jersey share the sports thing, most of the food things and NOT the ear damaging accent most of us Southern New Jerseyans grew up speaking. So as you can see things aren't as black and white as most people think.

There is a Central Jersey, but not because Phil Murphy said, "we're all one extended family..." It's because they DON'T want to be associated with "the other" as so many progressives like to preach about. Like it or not, that IS the truth.

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