Sometimes I like to mix it up a bit on the podcast and create awkward situations.

Jay for some reason is passionate in his hate for improv comedy. So of course I invited an improv comic to join us for a discussion. It was friendly and yes, awkward. Let's just say that when Jay is passionate, he's passionate. And we didn't all agree on the finer points. Thankfully Jessica remains the voice of reason, and kept us (somewhat) focused.

Next week, part two, but for now, here's Jay Black's take:

The genesis for this week's podcast happened sometime long ago, in the past archives of Speaking Millennial. Apparently, along with my loudly averred dislike of hipsters (STOP TALKING ABOUT HOW VINYL "SOUNDS WARMER", YOU ELABORATELY-MUSTACHED WEIRDOS!), I also *may* have mentioned a similar aversion to Improv Comedians.

Unlike 98 and a half percent of things we bring up on the podcast to note for future episodes, we actually followed through and brought on an Improv Comedian -- Jon Colby out of Indiana -- to debate me on the merits of his art (i.e. the coast guard) versus my art (i.e. the Navy Seals).

If you listen to Speaking Millennial for deeply philosophical observations about the state of modern life, this isn't the podcast for you (and also, you maybe need to re-evaluate your understanding of "philosophy"). If, however, you enjoy some good ole-fashioned cringing whilst I, and to a lesser degree, Bill, put our foot in our mouths for 30 solid minutes, well then you might want to download this one twice!

In all honesty, Jon was a great sport and someone we'll have on the podcast again.

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