Every year various national news sources rate the best towns in the country to live in. Invariably, a Jersey town or two will make the list. We recently decided that if we were to put together our own list of great New Jersey towns, our listeners would definitely have something to say about it. So we posed this question: if you had to sell your town to us, how would you? What would be the characteristics that make it the best town in New Jersey? We got a lot of answers, but these seven towns’ listeners sold them best!!


According to its residents, Until you actually visit, you won’t believe there’s a town in NJ with this much character. This Sussex county town boasts very little traffic, mountain views, picturesque lake mohawk and outdoor beer garden and boardwalk.


A community within Fair Lawn, in 1929 it was called the town of the future... Interestingly, all its streets end in a dead end and, like a trip down memory lane, kids can (and do) walk to the local grammar school.


A part of New Jersey that almost never gets noticed, it has a great quality of life, a fine school system, and a beautiful covered bridge that rivals some of the prettiest ones in the country

Medford Lakes

Just as it implies, the beautiful lakes in Medford Lakes are worth seeing and you’ll get so much more for your money buying a home in this stress-free picturesque town. And the neighbors are some of the friendliest in South Jersey.


It has a small town quaint feel, an idyllic little downtown and almost no tourists to ruin the view! Plus its beach is one of the Jersey Shore’s finest.. not too big and not overrun with summer crowds.


New Jersey picturesque and lovely, this is the airship capital of the world. In the summer you can enjoy the town fireworks and a down-home family barbecues. The town even offers free family feasts for Thanksgiving.


Somerville boasts its downtown division street district with a convenient walkway for visitors to enjoy eclectic dining (some of it al fresco )with top-notch cuisine, plenty of family community events, not to mention an outstanding police force.

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