This news just about blew my mind!! It was unthinkable to me that anybody would go on a website called except for farmers, but apparently, is not just for farmers anymore. It’s also for people who just like the idea of meeting and marrying farmers.

This really shook my reality as it got me thinking: does that mean J date is not just for Jews? Or is Christian mingle just as welcoming to non-Christians? With that in mind, we asked people where New Jerseyans most often find love online.

As expected, most people who met their significant others online found them on But we got some unexpected answers too, like “love on AOL”, a now-defunct dating site on the almost-defunct and might-as-well-be defunct AOL. But here are some of the other dating sites that New Jerseyans have found love on. Have you been on all or any of these?

  5. (defunct)
  7. Okcupid
  9. whydontwe…
  10. Tinder

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