When I heard the news that Toys "R" Us might be coming back, I found myself rooting for them. Not because I'm a big fan of Geoffrey the Giraffe (who did call my sons every year on their birthday), or because everyone loves a trip through the toy store — as Tom Hanks showed us with his visit to FOA Schwartz's store in New York for the movie "Big" (most of which was filmed in New Jersey).

I just felt like I was getting back a piece of my youth.

We had so many cool stores growing up in Union City. I asked if you could bring one store back which would it be, and the overwhelming winner was "Two Guys," which was shortened from "Two Guys from Harrison." They had everything, and the one that was on 15th and Kennedy Boulevard when I was growing up was huge! Today it would probably be the garage to a Walmart.

Here are some of the other stores that came up along with some of my comments:


Donna Simone: "Davis' Toy Store Bergenline Avenue Union City...  that's where I got my toys!"
Edward Czarnecki: "Crazy Eddie’s... His prices were insane!"
Robin Bickell Thompson: "Bradlee's"
Elise Drennan: "The Game Room in the Woodbridge Mall. Recently closed, but I’d love it to reopen. Where do kids in malls hang without arcades?"
Jodi Schwartz: "Chance Service Merchandise. Nothing like filing out the form and waiting for it to come down the conveyor belt."
Nick Palumbo Sr.: "Rickels... They help you do it better!"
Jerry Rubino: "Alexander’s... whatever happened to that mural on the side of the one in Paramus?"
Mitchell Siegel: "Mr. Goodbuys."
Kimberley D. Witkowski: "Woolworths!"
Tina Louise Cook: "Woolworths with the deli counter... I loved the 4 ft. high lunch counters with the spinning stools. Loved looking at the hot dogs in the glass case and wanting one so bad."
Alan Lustig: "Nobody Beats The Wiz!.. loved the commercials."

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