Its a beautiful day...and I'm going for a walk. With camera in hand, I decided that I would snap a photo of each American flag that I see!  I'm of today, we're 30 days away from the Presidential Election!

For this photo project, I imposed a simple rule: If the flag was down a side street, I could not leave the main road to take the picture. For this reason, 3 flags that I saw on my walk get "honorable mention." I could see them, but they were just too far away to show up in a publishable picture (even at extreme zoom).

The walk takes in two Central Jersey towns, and is 4 miles each way. All the pictures were taken on the walk out to my destination (the local superstore), not on the way back.

My front yard flag (above) starts the flag tour. 

My neighbor "FedEx Pat's" flag, (Craig Allen photo)

I felt that I would do pretty well, as I had 4 flag-flying pictures before I even left my own neighborhood!

Neighbor "Cornershow Bob's" flag flying in the breeze. (Craig Allen photo)

No...not all the flag pictures that I took are included here...

(Craig Allen photo)

 I didn't think that you'd scroll through that many pictures...and thats a good thing. That there were so many flags flying on my 4 mile (each way) walk!

Red, White & Blue flying above a red car. (Craig Allen photo)

 Well-traveled roads in mainly residential areas were the route. And, yes, it included a heavily-travelled highway as well...

Obviously, along the highway... (Craig Allen photo)

 The police officer I talked with on the side of the highway reminded me to "be careful" on this part of my walk... Thank you! You take care, too, sir!

(Craig Allen photo)


A big flag flying majestically over a business along the way! (Craig Allen photo)


An artistic flag "twisting" in the breeze. (Craig Allen photo) many flags did I see along the walk...and take pictures of? Keep scrolling....

Make a wish! (Craig Allen photo)

...the total number is at the bottom of the pictorial!

(Craig Allen photo)

Still walking!

(Craig Allen photo)

Almost destination is just down the street!

The big flag(s) flying over the police station. (Craig Allen photo)

 I've arrived!

The "superstore's" flag, flying proud! (Craig Allen photo)

 This is the last flag on the walk. A mobile flag. If I had arrived a few minutes sooner or later, it might have been gone!


Car Flag...don't open the window while driving...or you'll lose your flag! (Craig Allen photo)

 Remember when these flags were EVERYWHERE right after 9/11?

So, how many American Flags did I see on my walk? 55 that I documented digitally.

3 flags earned "honorable mention," as they were too far away for a good picture.

TOTAL: 58 flags, on a 4 mile walk.

Thanks for all the uplifting pride and patriotism! Well done!

And, here's my parting picture:

Its red, white & blue...not a flag by my definition...but I like it! (Craig Allen photo)