Real parents of genius! Here's to you who would give up your night to sit in traffic, endure thousands of screaming kids, including your own, and pay ridiculous prices to take your children to a concert that you wouldn't be caught dead at. Truth be told, if you had died at the event, you probably wouldn't have minded. Many of you were probably at BTS this weekend.

As my 12-year-old sons begin their journey into the teenage years, I know these days are coming. My wife has already taken them to see "Fallout Boy." I would have been, there but I was out doing comedy, just another another one of many reasons I love doing comedy.

So I asked my social media followers, what are the shows that you sat through for your kids?

Peter Szewzek - "Power Rangers,1997 at Radio City with friends and their kids. Lousy seats,short show. I caught the friend's kids cold"

Joanne Ginn Glassoff - "Dora the Explorer at Radio City."

John Tarricone - "Jimmy Neutron The Movie"

Suzy Rose Yengo - "four hours of south pacific"

Chrissy Biglin Harris - "Worst concert lisa lisa and the cult jam"

Gina Preston Caplan - "I took Benj to the White Stripes, who were good. But the opening act was terrible. They did an interminable number of songs, all of which sounded identical. As far as we could tell, the words were TRASHBAG HELMET, TRASHBAG HELMET."

Lori Spagnuolo McElroy - "I took my sister Michele Spagnuoloto Menudo!!"

Dar Meglino - "Steve I remember seeing Andy Gibb back in the 70s at Six Flags Great Adventure and the park got so overcrowded they had to close it you could imagine
Steve Trevelise Not only could i imagine it, I was there as a supervisor of the Aqua Spectacle where we carried the feed of the show from the Great Arena to accommodate the overflow"

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