This week New Jersey voters (about 20% of eligible voters) elected Phil Murphy Governor of our state. Just like John Corzine, a political novice and virtual unknown commodity to the majority of residents, came in with loads of cash and bought the support of public unions.

Shockingly, he promised to raise taxes on the most over-taxed citizens in the nation and also to make us a sanctuary state for people here illegally who have run afoul of the law. And he won! You can't make this s--- up!

What we do know about him, other than his vast wealth, is that he can make at least a half dozen facial expressions at once. He combines joy, concern, surprise, anger, disdain and "I think I just pooped my pants" in one confusing look on his face.

We asked our listeners to show us their best "Phil Murphy face" and they responded. These brave and fortunate folks will be rewarded with tickets to the Dennis & Judi Comedy Show at the Brook Arts Theatre in Bound Brook, next Saturday night. Thanks for playing and God help us all! See you next Saturday night in Bound Brook!

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