One of the reasons sales of electric cars have not taken off in New Jersey is the perceived lack of charging stations and the resulting fear of limited range. There is now a legislative push to address that.

According to, a draft bill that is slated to be considered in October would authorize “hundreds of fast-charging stations” as well as financial incentives for buying a zero emission vehicle. According to the article, there are two levels of charging station: fast charging stations that can charge an electric car in twenty minutes to an hour for a full charge, and level 2 charging stations that take three to five hours.

The legislation would push for 600 fast charging stations and 300 level 2 stations. The problem, as always, is figuring out where the money will come from. Proponents want $100 million to fund the initiatives. It is expected that 4.5% of cars sold in New Jersey this year will be for pure electric vehicles.

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