My friend Peter Brown joined me on the #SpeakingPodcast for a conversation about race, politics and the real reason why so many communities are struggling in the Garden State.

I asked him flat out about why an overwhelming majority of black voters support the incumbent Democrats who run our cities despite the fact that conditions in many are less than anyone should be expected to endure. Everything from the deplorable conditions in public housing to the crime spikes in city neighborhoods was on the table.

Peter recently left public office and then left the Democratic Party believing that they have lost their way and have failed to provide solutions. But the root of the problem from Peter's perspective is the breakdown of the family and the lack of job opportunities. He shared his reasoning behind joining the Republican Party and discussed many famous black Americans who also joined the GOP looking for solutions to address the decay, crime and poverty in our cities.

It's a thoughtful conversation and a real eye opener pushing back on the narrative that black and brown Americans have to stick with the Democrats.

Let's not forget the incredible economic success ushered in by President Trump through massive deregulation and tax cuts. Historic lows for unemployment in the black and Hispanic communities, entrepreneurship at an all time high, job creation, wealth, then it all came crashing down when the government panicked over a virus. Should have never locked down anything. We should have put Fauci and the other cowards in their place and kept the nation moving. But Trump and the Democrats in Congress failed us. It was a bipartisan failure across the board in Washington and in Trenton.

But now it's thought leaders like Peter Brown who are stepping up to rebuild. He's doing it smartly, no third party, no independent effort, he simply chose the vehicle that he thought will best serve the people of our state, regardless of skin color. Let's hope the conversation will continue and lead to actual solutions to better the lives of all people.

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