Bad manners in the workplace get noticed, not only by your boss, but also by your fellow workers, according to a new survey.

Accountemps New Jersey Metro Market Manager Dora Onyschak said better than one in three managers found the most common etiquette breach was being late for meetings.

"I think that it show a little bit of a lack of disrespect or courtesy, to, not just your manager, but also your colleagues who are waiting on that meeting for you," she said.

She said an new Accountemps survey found among workers, "gossiping is kind of the most egregious etiquette breach."

"Employees find that the most common offenses is gossiping or talking about their colleagues. About 25 percent found that," she said.

Distractions at meetings and not responding to communications were also annoying to coworkers.

According to Onyschak, there are a few things to remember to be "business polite:"

1) You need to be present. "So regardless of how many deadlines you have or what you have on your plate, you need to give your full attention during group discussions. Again, that is just a courtesy, and it shows that you are focused on the individuals, as well as the topic at hand, and that you appreciate the importance of that meeting or the situation."

2) Try not to participate in the office gossip. "It is just another distraction that can really just reflect badly on your character, and it can damage other people's careers if it is just gossip."

3) Respond to communication in a timely manner, whether from voicemails or e-mails. "Try to get back to people, even if it is to say, 'Hey listen, let me get back to you by the end of the day.' We all kind of want to respond."

4) Give credit where it's due. If someone helped you out on this project or an important part of that team, give them a little bit of that spotlight as well. That will go a long way."

Onyschak said a polite and efficient attude is more than just ... well ... nice..

"Business etiquette, we will call it, is a sign that you care about your position, you care about the company, care about your team," she said.

Joe Cutter is the afternoon news anchor on New Jersey 101.5.

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