This heatwave is so bad in Oregon that the state fire marshall has temporarily suspended the state's ban on self-service gas stations in an effort to protect the attendants from the heat. Granted the ban was only lifted for two days and the temperatures reached 110 but at least it's a start.

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That's more than we can say in New Jersey where we've been dealing with our own heatwave. If we truly cared about the people who pump our gas as much as we say we do we'd suspend our self-service law so that they can get a break from the heat. Maybe they'll use that break to get one of the many higher-paying jobs available in New Jersey now that we've got so many people collecting excessive unemployment.

Anyone who listens to me knows I've long been in favor of the self-serve option here in New Jersey. This time it came from a listener.

We've talked about how it can lower the price at the pump. We've also talked about the strain it's put on the gas station owners who are having so much trouble finding workers and how unfair it is for them not to be allowed to go automated like the other stores.

CA Gov. Jerry Brown Raises Gas Tax Ahead Of Revised State Budget Proposal
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Gas prices across the country are the worst they've been in 7 years and to make matters worse we're dealing with a shortage as we approach the July 4th weekend. For what we're paying which is now over three dollars a gallon, we should have the option of being able to pump our own, especially if we're in a hurry.

We're running out of reasons to not have the self-serve gas option. Now that Oregon's letting their guard down, should New Jersey be next. I vote YES!

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