Could we soon have the option of pumping our own gas in New Jersey? Maybe for a little while. We spoke with Sal Risalvato on the show Monday. He’s the executive director of NJ Gasoline Convenience Store & Automotive Association. They represent hundreds of independent gas retailers across the state.

A problem is brewing. With daily urging from the Murphy administration for New Jerseyans to stay six feet apart, gas attendants are growing increasingly concerned for their safety doing their jobs. Plenty of customers are worried about the close proximity of the interactions as well and according to Risalvato are asking for the option to pump their own gas.

Yet when presented with the idea Governor Murphy was cold to it.

Odd considering he already stopped cash tolls for the exact reason reason that gas attendants are worried about.

Listen to our interview and hear the man out. This wouldn’t be mandatory. Stations could choose to allow self-serve or maintain business as usual.

Oregon just did this among controversy. They are the only other state that maintains a partial ban on self-serve gas and they’re lifting the ban for the same reasons Risalvato brings up. Should we do it here? Take our poll below.

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