Springtime is finally here and the weather is only going to be getting warmer.

No more worries of snow, or 25-degree days (hopefully). Bring on the nice 65-70 degree days!

And with that we enter golf season! That’s right, if there was any hobby for you to pick up this spring it’s golf.

It’s a perfect way for you to get outside if other activities aren’t your forte. A lot of people might struggle with finding activities they like to do outside.

And if you’re an adult, it can be hard to find a sport to play solo, but golf allows you to do just that. Pickleball, tennis, basketball or any other sport you might have played growing up, needs multiple people. Golf you can do alone.

So I’ve compiled a list of some of the best public golf courses you can play in New Jersey. I’ve split them up into North, South, Central, and Jersey Shore.

North Jersey

Preakness Valley Golf Course

Preakness Valley Golf Course via Google Maps
Preakness Valley Golf Course via Google Maps

Located in Wayne New Jersey this course is always well maintained which gives it a leg up over a lot of public golf courses. And, they have two 18 hole courses on the property. It can be tough to find tee times because of how busy golf courses get, but this one you should be sure to find a time.

South Jersey

Running Deer Golf Club

Located in Pittsgrove New Jersey, this course can be a bit more pricey than the average course, but if you want a pristinely manicured course and an amazing layout, you'll get that here.

Central Jersey

Mercer Oaks Golf Course

Google Maps
Google Maps

Located in West Windsor New Jersey this course also sports two 18-hole courses. Once again it's well-manicured and has two completely different layouts. You can't go wrong with either the east or west course here.

Jersey Shore

Twisted Dune Golf Club

Google Maps
Google Maps

Located in Egg Harbor New Jersey you get the Jersey Shore atmosphere and a beautiful 18-hole course. It gives off a links desert-style course which is a complete 180 from the rest on this list.

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