There has been so much news lately about “porch pirates”-you know, the people who come and steal your amazon deliveries off your front porch before you get home from work. The danger is real, and New Jersey is considering upping the penalty for stealing packages that have been left for you by delivery people.

Assemblyman Rob Karabinchak proposes a new measure that would charge a porch pirate with a fourth-degree crime (plus restitution) for an article less than $200, and a third degree crime (plus restitution) if it’s worth more. Third-degree crimes in New Jersey are punishable by up to three to five years in jail and a fine of up to $10,000. Current law only charges pirates with misdemeanor theft.

So, asks a Bridgewater listener, what do you charge a critter with? He came home from work one day to find this box of quest protein bars that an unknown animal helped himself to. And not just a bite, mind you, this critter criminal mastermind stole one entire bar! And those things ain’t cheap!

And how do we find the bad guy? I suppose we keep our eyes open for the most fit, trim, energetic nuisance animal out there. So if you spot an opossum, squirrel or raccoon who fits that description, let us know. If you see something, say something.

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