Everything we’ve seen Phil Murphy do since he’s become governor, it’s basically a run-up to his presidential campaign. That’s why people follow him more closely than a lot of other governors.

Each week I do a search to see what needs to be shared with you about what Phil Murphy is up to. A few weeks ago I noticed that a lot of people were asking questions about his hair.

Yes, his hair is much different than it was when he first became governor and I’ve expressed my belief that a lot of this is due to his handlers, suggesting that his hair was not presidential.

And it’s true that his new fluffier hair seems to be more friendly and approachable. Almost Clintonesque. I actually posted a before and after of his hair and his physical appearance is much improved because of it.

But this week when I Googled, I found a very interesting phenomenon. The thing people are always searching for when it comes to our governor is his teeth.


Now I made mention of the fact that in his more recent photo collection, his smile seems to be less open. Almost as if he has been advised to smile less widely, thereby hiding what could only be considered one of his more problematic physical features.

I’m not gonna go into exactly what I believe is wrong with his teeth but I do believe that he has probably been advised to smile, less broadly, thus underplaying the unflattering aspects of his smile.

It seems that other people have noticed this too based on the search results in Google. His new altered appearance is definitely a curiosity to people and a lot of it has to do with his teeth.

Some other popular searches about our governor are “Governor Murphy announcements today.”

“NJ, governor term limits.”

And my personal favorite, “Governor Phil Murphy phone number.”

But there it is at number one: "Phil Murphy teeth."

How much your school district gets under Murphy's proposed 2024 budget

Gov. Phil Murphy's porposed 2024 budget includes $1 billion in new spending for school funding including pre-K funding, pension and benefits, and an additional $832 million in K-12 aid, which is listed below by county and district.

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