How does a team with a Rookie of the Year and a consecutive Cy Young Award winner continue to under perform and let the fans down?

Are you frustrated with the poor performance on the field? My Mets fan friends seem so fed up that it’s a question of at what point in May they will give up on another season.

Seems to me that it’s really all about leadership. Individual stars don’t make a team. Players supporting each other and working together make a team. In my opinion, the best sports example of this is the New England Patriots. Great coaching, on the field leadership and a determination to win. Seems that the Mets should be thinking about the playoffs, two to three years from now, and start recruiting those future young stars to compliment the talent they already have, but focus on how they perform together instead of individually.

Taking bets, yes, Bob Williams and Jen Ursillo (our resident Mets fan…atics) how far under .500 will the Mets be next season? And when will the fans give up on the season? O/U set at May 15th…I’m takin’ the under.

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