Ronica Cleary joined me on the show on the Tuesday. She's my friend and former Chasing News colleague. She's also a former Miss Philadelphia and White House Correspondent for Fox Television in DC. Recently, she packed up from DC and headed to Wisconsin leaving the White House briefing room for the communications 'war room' of United States Senate hopeful Kevin Nicholson. He's a decorated combat veteran with the U.S. Marines who served honorably with Ronica's husband, Patrick. Beyond the personal connection that helped guide Ronica's decision is her passion and patriotism. There's also the story of how she witnessed the media becoming complicit in the trashing of candidates and elected officials who don't fit the agenda of the established power.

President Trump has been experiencing this from the moment he put his hat in the ring. First it was his own party, then it was the democrats. Now the media has taken up the fight of the #NeverTrumpers to trash the President at every turn. Ronica recapped a story from the Briefing Room where a reporter yelled at Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to the applause and cheers of the reporters in the room. Kevin is experiencing something similar in Wisconsin as the regular GOP leaders are fighting him hard in the primary along with the media trying to make major issues out of every comment whether it's in context or not.

We've seen this story play out in New Jersey as well. My friend, former Congressman Scott Garrett, got labeled unjustly by local media and his opponent as anti-gay. It was an egregious affront to reason and facts, but this is the day of the sound bite and 'gotcha interviews' and he's now a former Congressman. Kevin, with the help of Ronica's expertise, maturity and strength, is on the way to a possible huge upset in the August primary.

If Kevin wins, we'll look forward to seeing him in the U.S. Senate along side another U.S. Marine, Bob Hugin from New Jersey who is within the margin of error against Bob Menendez. Still a long way to go. But it is encouraging to see strong, experienced, military leaders with no history of political involvement taking a shot at a seat in the US Senate. The debate in Jersey and in Wisconsin is about ideas and the men speaking out against the traditional political leaders who have been corrupted over time.

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