Ever since the Supreme Court's decision last year that struck down New York and New Jersey's gun laws as unconstitutional, there has been a glimmer of hope that we might have our rights restored.

The New Jersey Legislature was quick to act in trying to nullify the ruling and make it nearly impossible to protect ourselves by carrying a firearm.

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Many people in this state are not passionate about preserving those rights since we're not a state with a strong "gun culture" like many other states in the county.

However, the fight continues thanks to organizations like the ANJPRC, The Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs.

In their lawsuit against the state concerning their newest laws attempting to prohibit law-abiding citizens from carrying legal weapons to protect themselves there has been good progress so far. In their legal case of Seigle v. Platkin, they have been successful the gaining a stay of many of the provisions of the new heinously restrictive law.

Federal Judge Renee Bumb issued a temporary restraining order (TRO) in their case. The TRO expands the number of sections of the new “carry killer” law (Chapter 131 or A4769) that the state temporarily may not enforce until further court order. The TRO also restrains certain pre-existing prohibitions as well. The court also clarified that certain provisions of the law are to be interpreted narrowly, thereby reducing the restrictive scope of the law.

There are many cases where a licensed law-abiding citizen has prevented or stopped a crime by exercising their constitutional right to bear arms. These stories don't make national news but are common in states where they don't restrict your right to protect yourself.

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There was one example recently in Iowa of a mother who protected her 5-year-old son from would-be kidnappers. That wouldn't have happened here in New Jersey with our existing laws and God knows what the outcome would have been.

Other organizations like the New Jersey Second Amendment Society are also on the frontlines of trying to allow people the RIGHT to protect themselves in this state.

The police can't be everywhere and criminals know that. The only people who benefit from "gun-free zones" are people with illegal guns looking to victimize the innocent who follow the laws.

It's about time the rest of us stood up to the fools and idiots in the legislature and take back out right to our own safety and protection.

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