One of President Trump's most famous running platforms was the wall that he was going to build along the Mexican border and he's about to make it happen. Being a Jersey guy and seeing the way we deal with people crossing our border — or should I say our beaches — I have an alternative plan.

Instead of an expensive wall, how about we line the border with the New Jersey beach tag ladies instead? You know, the people who collect the money from people before they walk onto the beach. Anyone wants to cross the border...that'll be $8!

President Trump is all about putting Americans to work and he's also all about making money. One look at the revenue those Jersey beaches make in one summer would hit the bell on both counts. Instead of expensive construction costs, we could spend the money on beach chairs with umbrellas clipped to them.

In fact, if you want to go the extra mile, they can even have an ice cream wagon patrol the border selling frozen treats for $5 each. If it can work in Belmar, it can work anywhere. I won't even mention Sea Isle City!

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