There are certain things you should be capable of doing as an adult. Drive a stick shift car. Change a tire. Manage your finances. Replace a door handle. Do your own laundry.

Then there are some things that you should be able to do according to where you're from. If you're from Maine you should be able to know how to properly eat the whole lobster. If you're a Texan, I'm sure you can shoot a gun. Pennsylvanians (outside of Philly) are proficient at gutting a deer, or any roadkill for that matter. Floridians I'm certain know how to contact a bail bondsman and get their friend or family out of jail. You get the idea.

Every New Jerseyan should know how to make a pizza. The kind I made is a Jersey "boardwalk style" pizza, but since we certainly have strong opinions on pizza, make your favorite. It's easy. I'll show you.

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