Parents are being warned about marijuana laced edibles being given out this Halloween, but who's warning the children about marijuana laced parents stealing their candy when they're not looking? So for the children's protection of their own treasure, I asked what's your favorite candy to eat when you're stoned.

Now, we're not endorsing breaking the law. But plenty of you may qualify for legal, medical marijuana — and depending on who wins the governor's race, legal pot could be a reality by this time next year. Besides, we know a lot of you are going to do what you're going to do no matter what we say ... so you might as well get some good munchies in the meantime.

Since we're soon going to have either legalized weed or decriminalized weed, I think we're going to be dealing with this a lot more in the years to come. Here's the list..

  • Laurielle - Gummy Bears marinated in Vodka or Pixie Stix.
  • Tina Marie - Kit Kats, speaking future of course.
  • Jim - Almond Joys! Cause I hear when your on weed- you feel alot of JOY! lol.
  • Julie - Reeses cups.
  • Sean Trevelise - Brownies !!!!! Cuz.....
  • Susan Rochester - Zucconi. Wow, while I am paying my outrageous taxes, I am going to get wasted and eat m&m's. 😎
  • Russell - From college days, cheapest cookies we could find.
  • Keith - Rock Candy??? "Stoned"??? LOL!!!
  • Marty Lou Pina - ALL of them.

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