It's always good to be number one in something, right? And not only are we number one; we've now established a solid half-decade of dominance as the best of the best when it comes to people moving away our state. That's late-90's New York Yankees territory right there. In other words, we're a dynasty. Only our leader isn't the lovable Joe Torre, it's the corrupt man-child Chris Christie.

According to the 40th annual United Van Lines National Movers Study, 63 percent of moves that took place in New Jersey in 2016 were outbound. That's a lot of people leaving escaping the Garden State, and I have a feeling that trend will continue. Between the cost of living and taxes alone, how can you blame anyone for wanting out?

Our major cities are landfills, especially Trenton, which is rotting from the inside out and quite literally stinks to high heaven in the summer. The congestion seems to get worse by the day. Or maybe it's New Jersey's crumbling infrastructure that wound up being the last straw for you.

There are many reasons why a person or family would take part in the mass exodus from New Jersey, but 63 percent is a lot of people. So I want to hear from you. Why do you want to move away from New Jersey? And what would it take for New Jersey to keep you here? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

— Joe Votruba

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