What would you say New Jersey's biggest export is? Pork roll? tomatoes, blueberries, corn? Try population. According to a survey in Moneywise which looked at the 25 states Americans are fleeing and where they're going, New Jersey came in first with a 66.8% outbound rate. According to Ester Trattnor who wrote the piece


"The Garden State offers beaches, family-friendly suburbs, and lots of football tailgating opportunities (because both the New York Giants and the New York Jets play here).


But despite all that New Jersey has going for it, people are moving out faster than from any other state, according to United Van Lines' annual study. In fact, New Jersey has been one of the top 10 move-out states in each of the last 10 years.

More than a third flee the state because of job opportunities elsewhere, and an equal share leave to find greener pastures for retirement.


Though unemployment is down and wages are going up in New Jersey, the state has a stiff cost of living, high taxes and notoriously bad roads."

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I once had a listener call me from his moving van at the toll booth at the Delaware Memorial Bridge to tell me on New Jersey 101.5 that the toll collector told him that his was the fifteenth van he saw leave that day. take that for what it's worth but whenever I do the topic "Are you staying or leaving New Jersey the latter usually comes out on top.

How can we reverse this trend? What can we do to get more people to stay in New Jersey? If that's going to happen, we desperately need change. Hopefully that change begins on November 2 which is election day in New Jersey.

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