Many people left New Jersey for vacation this summer and some dreamed of never coming back. We hear it all the time on New Jersey 101.5 about how it's a hard state to live in and an even harder one to retire to. But it's a great place to eat and some great sights to enjoy that many of us take for granted. So I ask, if you were to leave New Jersey, what would you miss the most?

Andrew Satkowski - "TAYLOR ham."

Justin Morris - "pork roll lol."

Thomas Thomi - "Hawk Hickey Pizza, pork roll and Sabrett Hot dogs."

Edward Sheahan - "Tomatoes."

Frank Lewis - "Everything on the menu at Scarpinato’s in Turnersville."

Beth Coffey Fite - "I did leave and I miss:Good pizza, Cheesesteaks, Hoagies."

Eric Jensen - "The Texas weiners from the original Texas Weiners 1, on Watchung Avenue, in Plainfield!"

Caroline Bokman - "Bagels. Can confirm. I've Been in SF for 25 years now."

Adrienne Sasson - "I miss my Salt Water Taffy."

Darlene Fiore - "I was just telling my friend who moved to West Virginia that if I moved away, I would be 20 pounds lighter without even trying!"

Chris McKelvey - "I can tell you from experience, Pork Roll! I spent 6yrs in Virginia & was shocked at how many restaurants didn’t know what it was."

Robert Condrillo - "Anyone who leaves does realize they can come back to visit and pig out. Then stock up on certain foods to take home with them. I dont even think good food will exist in the near future with so many business that will be forced to close with the 15hr minimum wage. I’ve talked to a lot of business owners and they all say the outlook for this state is very bleak. Don’t mean to be a Debbie downer but just saying what I’ve heard and observed."

Raymond Steven Bibbo - "White House Sub Shop!!!"

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