Have you ever heard of the planet Nibiru? Me either. Until today anyway when a pop up window, well....popped up on the big screen in the studio. Turns out that I accepted a new setting that has the website, www.space.com pop up every time a new story is posted. I had forgotten that I went to the site during my fascination with the Chinese space station which was projected to re-enter the earth's orbit and crash potentially in New Jersey. OK, the Jersey impact didn't happen, but it could have happened, hence my interest. Today, an article about doomsday caught my eye. End of the world...April 23rd. It's right in Revelations...at least according to one website in the UK.

Slight problem. The antagonist is a planet named Nibiru and it actually doesn't exist.

So much like the disaster that was supposed to befall us on New Year's 2000 and the cataclysmic end 'predicted' in 2012, April 23rd is turning out to be just another day.

Or is it?

Governor Murphy is still in office trying to give away free college, legal aid and tuition grants to illegal aliens. NJ transit continues to cancel trains and run routinely late. Many roads are still littered with potholes, the state is deep in debt, bond rating in the toilet, more than one hundred BILLION in unfunded future pension and benefit liabilities for public employees, lawyers, lobbyists and connected pols making money at the expense of the middle and working class, and Attorney General focused nearly exclusively on suing the Trump administration AND...your taxes are still going up every year with more than a billion more in new taxes headed our way. Did I miss anything? I mean besides, the erosion of gun rights for law abiding citizens, crime in our inner cities, budget deficits, millions being squandered on special interests, a state government refusing to take advantage of the energy independence job creation that everyone could benefit from, people leaving with their tax money and a Governor who seems very focused on a national agenda for himself in 2020 instead of fighting to make New Jersey affordable for average families.

On the bright side, if we solve these issues one by one, NJ will again be a great place to live, work, raise a family and enjoy your retirement. Yes, I'm optimistic despite the odds. AND, I'm still #DigginIn...Are you?

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