The E*Trade talking baby campaign that started during the 2008 Super Bowl is coming to an end. The commercial icon called it quits in disgust after a sidekick, a talking cat named Beanie, was brought in.

You can see the video of his meltdown below.

E*Trade says it's run its course and they are going in a different direction with their advertising from here on out. What I don't get is it has appeared to be the same baby all these 6 years, which of course is impossible since that child would be in elementary school by now. So did they do a Lassie thing and always find a kid who looked strikingly similar? Or did they have almost any old kid and do the rest with computer magic? Since they simply dub over the voice of comic Pete Holmes the real answer is they probably just shot enough stock footage in a year's time to have kept making these ads by computer generating other things into the scenes, like the talking cat.